You Don’t Need to Be Superman to Protect Your Kids

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Published: January 13, 2020

We are all familiar with the superhero, Superman. A man of great strength and ability who landed here from Krypton to save humanity. Actor Christopher Reeve was perhaps best known for his landmark portrayal of mild-mannered reporter, Clark Kent by day and Superman by night. When Christopher Reeve wasn’t playing Superman, he was married to Dana Reeve, an actress and singer, famous in her own right. Together, they had one child, Will Reeve.

Tragically, Will never had the chance to grow-up with his parents. Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in a horse-back riding accident when Will was just three years old. He later died as a result of complications from the accident just after Will turned eleven. Then, in a sad turn of events, when Will was just a young teen aged thirteen, his mother, Dana Reeve, passed away from lung cancer. She was just 44 years young and was never a smoker. Young Will lost both of his parents within 17 months of each other. This is a situation you never imagine will happen to you and your family. Careful planning is so important, particularly for your kids to give them the legacy that you have always imagined for them.

Fortunately, Christopher and Dana Reeve did not pass without a will and a plan. Will was provided for and protected. He was raised in a loving home by a family friend chosen by the Reeves in their estate plan. He remained in the city where he had lived his entire life surrounded by people he had grown up with. Will’s needs were met by a loving family that carried out the wishes of the Reeves as set forth in their trust. He was protected and safe.

With Fortin Law Group’s Kiddo’s Safety Plan, you can provide for children in the event of your ultimately demise not just in the long-term but also in the short-term. Our plans include: Guardian Nominations; Temporary Guardian Elections; Instructions to Caregivers; Emergency Identification and Healthcare Information; Medical Power of Attorney. We also offer to you the opportunity to designate who you don’t want to take temporary or permanent custody of your children. Our goals are three-fold: 1. Ensure that your kids are protected, safe and cared for according to your wishes; 2. Keep your kids out of court, our of state custody, and out of conflict; 3. Make sure your wishes and desires for your children are carried out.

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