Focused Public Entity Defense, Construction, and Business Law Firm in Orange County, California.

At the Southern California law firm Fortin Law Group, we focus our practice on public entity defense, construction law, business, and general liability matters. Consequently, we have developed comprehensive knowledge of the law in these practice areas. Our focus has led to an exceptional level of success on behalf of our clients. We have found that these practice areas are oftentimes complementary and our knowledge in one field is often useful to a case in another area of law

Focused Public Entity Defense, Construction, and Business Law Firm in Orange County, California.

We strive to solve legal issues using the most cost-effective methods available. Whether this means seeking judgment, advocating for clients in arbitration and mediation or trying the case before a court or jury, clients can be assured that we will always consider their financial well-being. We have had considerable success in resolving claims for our clients before trial — saving our clients' time and money.

Diverse Clientele

We have an unparalleled success rate in resolving matters for our clients. We have represented public entities, risk sharing organizations, insurance companies, contractors, subcontractors, and organizations, from corporations to individuals in Government Claims Act claims, dangerous condition of public property, roadway design, catastrophic injury, wrongful death, premises liability, bicycle accidents, auto accidents, government immunities, inverse condemnation, delay and disruption claims, as well as provide general counsel to our clients in the areas of contract review and negotiation. Every client shares the need to resolve their legal matters as expediently as possible. We represent clients in Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and statewide.



The Attorneys at Fortin Law Group are long-standing licensed members of the State Bar of California. We are firmly committed to providing cost-effective and personal legal advocacy and counsel to every client.

Practice Areas

We provide legal counsel and representation in the following legal practice areas:

We have had remarkable success in obtaining early outcomes in favor of our clients through our effective and aggressive pleading strategies, including the use of summary judgment procedures. We pride ourselves on our ability to aggressively handle significant and complex claims for each of our clients in an efficient and cost-effective fashion, with our clients' personal and financial well-being always being taken into consideration.

Appellate Work

The attorneys of Fortin Law Group have a successful background in appellate work. The success of our appellate practice is built not just upon knowing the facts and law of the particular case, but also upon being able to effectively articulate and develop what the law should be and how it should be applied.

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Practice Areas

Public Entity Liability / Government Claims Defense

The lawyers at the Costa Mesa, California, law firm, Fortin Law Group, represent public entities such as cities, counties, school districts, and risk sharing authorities. Representing public entities is a significant area of our practice, and we have a record of accomplishment on behalf of our clients. We are known for providing clients with cost-effective and aggressive representation that is sensitive to the client's fiscal constraints.

General Liability / Premises Liability

The Costa Mesa, California, law firm, Fortin Law Group also handles general liability claims. We represent individuals, contractors, insurance carriers and many other business organizations, and have an exceptional record of success. We also defend public entities such as cities, counties and joint powers authorities against liability claims.

Construction Law, Schedule and Delay Claims

At Fortin Law Group, construction cases are a significant part of our legal practice. Our attorneys provide a broad range of services to contractors and other business and public organizations. Clients range in size from individual homeowners to large international corporations. We offer each client aggressive representation and knowledgeable counsel in all construction law matters.


Construction law is oftentimes based on contracts — their negotiating, drafting and enforcement. At the Costa Mesa, California, law firm of Fortin Law Group, our lawyers provide knowledgeable advice and counsel as well as aggressive representation in all matters related to contracts. In addition to advocating for construction-related businesses, we also represent public entities in their contract-related matters.



Our attorneys at the Southern California law firm Fortin Law Group, are long-standing licensed members of the State Bar of California with an average of 20 years of legal experience and have extensive experience in civil litigation and trial matters. They have taken and defended over a thousand depositions of both lay and expert witnesses in a variety of matters including the areas of public entity liability, personal injury, wrongful death, business and contract disputes, insurance coverage, indemnity matters, auto accidents, and Appellate briefing. Their experience also includes success with non-binding arbitrations and mediations.

Our attorneys in Costa Mesa have represented organizations and individuals throughout the construction industry, including owners, builders, contractors, and subcontractors. Representative matters include defect, contract, delay claim matters, and premises liability. They are also experienced in insurance coverage legal matters and indemnity issues closely affecting the construction industry. Our attorneys can provide a wide range of business advisory services to our clients as well, from interpreting insurance policies, negotiating, drafting, reviewing and interpreting contracts, to appearing in state and federal court in bench or jury trials. Clients frequently come to us with complex matters that involve multiple areas of our practice, including construction related matters, public entity defense and general tort liability matters. Our lawyers concentrate on these multi-faceted cases and are known for their ability to secure favorable outcomes for clients even in the most challenging matters.

The extensive experience of our attorneys has brought much success in bringing cases to favorable resolution via bench and jury trials as well as to judgment via Motions for Summary Judgment/Adjudication. Our attorneys have written and argued hundreds of Motions for Summary Judgment/Adjudication with an extremely high success rate. Whether the client is a public entity, construction company, general business, or a property owner, our experienced lawyers are firmly committed to providing cost-effective representation and personal legal advocacy that is sensitive to the client's financial well-being. To discuss your legal issue with one of our attorneys, contact Fortin Law Group today.

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Verdicts & Settlements

Fortin Law Group has had uncommon success in obtaining early and favorable outcomes for our clients. These verdicts and settlements listed are recent limited samples of the hundreds of cases the attorneys at Fortin Law Group have handled. Fortin Law Group takes pride in our aggressive and effective legal representation for every client. Contact The Costa Mesa law office of Fortin Law Group today for a free consultation.


Plaintiffs filed a complaint against our City Client alleging dangerous condition of public property/ roadway design based upon Govt. Code Section 835 and loss of consortium pursuant to a vehicle v. motorcycle accident. Plaintiff was operating his motorcycle on a state highway when he was struck by a left turning vehicle that failed to yield at an intersection. Plaintiff sustained multiple alleged severe and permanent injuries including amputation of his left leg as well as injuries to his left arm, pelvis, back, and a traumatic brain injury as a result of the accident. Plaintiff’s spouse alleged loss of consortium.


In excess of $34.3 Million in damages for past and future medical expenses, past and future loss of income, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and other general and special damages.


At the hearing on our client City’s Demurrer to the Second Amended Complaint on behalf of the City, the Court sustained the Demurrer without leave to amend, dismissed the case against City, and rendered Judgment in favor of City.


Owner of business had paid the general contractor 97% of all construction funds. Remaining 3% of funds were insufficient to pay all monies outstanding to subcontractors. By timely filing Mechanic's Lien, claims on all bonds, and action to foreclose Mechanic's Lien, we obtained full recovery for our client whereas other subcontractors either received only a small or no recovery.




Recovered 100% of all money due to Client ($60,102) for work performed on private commercial project.


Plaintiff filed a complaint against our City client for dangerous condition of public property resulting from fall by 61-year-old man who fell while on a public right of way sidewalk in a city park and suffered serious rotator cuff injury. Claim that uneven condition of sidewalk with lifted section in excess of 1.5” caused fall.


$125,000 in general damages.


Plaintiff dismissed case against the City after receipt of City's Motion for Summary Judgment. Our firm asserted a novel trail immunity argument which amounted to a complete defense. See Blog

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The Lawyers at Fortin Law Group advise and represent individuals, businesses of all sizes and types, and public entities. Our firm is highly experienced and our attorneys are members of the State Bar of California and other legal associations. We are known for our aggressive and effective handling of high-value, complex legal matters and our ongoing consideration for our clients' success and financial well-being.

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