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Public records sign
June 06, 2019

Access to Public Records is Your Constitutional Right: How to Obtain Disclosable Public Records in Five Easy Steps.

Access to records and information pertaining to public records is "a fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state," which they can enforce through the California Public Records Act request process... Continue reading

Highway rumble strip
April 01, 2019

Don't Underthink It: Plaintiff Insists Civil Engineers Failed to Consider Safety Features.

Public entities are conferred statutory immunity for design of roadways if the plan or design: (1) is alleged to have caused the subject accident, (2) was approved prior to construction by an employee with discretionary authority or where the design conforms to approved standards, and (3).... Continue reading

Dogs playing
September 13, 2018

Avoiding Liability for Injuries at Dog Parks is not so Ruff

Public entities are afforded unique immunities under the Government Code, enabling them to avoid liability for common law tort claims. (Govt. Code ยง815 et seq.). These immunities serve as an incentive for entities to provide more public services with a decreased risk of... Continue reading

Public Works Construction
July 18, 2018

The Impact of California's New Cap on Withholdings in Public Works Project

Public entities, contractors, and subcontractors for years have enjoyed the flexibility California law provided parties to agree to the amounts to be withheld in retention of progress payments in contracts involving public works projects... Continue reading



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