Construction Delays

Schedule & Delay Claims

Delays and scheduling impacts, disruptions and other problems are endemic in the construction industry. Oftentimes, the financial stakes become very high to either party. At the Costa Mesa, California, law firm of Fortin Law Group, we handle claims involving construction schedules and delays. We thoroughly investigate and document the claim and work with effective experts to property evaluate and handle the claim.

Our Clients

Our clients include a wide range of organizations and individuals throughout the construction industry. We represent contractors, subcontractors, builders, developers, engineers and construction managers in claims involving delays or disruption or claims involving impacts arising from material or labor cost escalating and out of sequence schedule impacts.

How Our Lawyers Represent our clients in Delay and Schedule Claims

Depending on the nature of the claim, we represent our client by seeking answers to the following questions:

  • Were there an inordinate number of change orders or requests for information that oftentimes resulted in delays or cumulative impacts on the construction schedule?
  • Were the plans and specifications correct?
  • Was the scope of work in the contact accurately described?
  • Did the processing of a project or document or sequence of work materially affect the on-time completion of the project?
  • Were there concealed or unknown conditions at the construction site?
  • Were contractual required notification of issues that resulted delay or schedule changes properly handled?
  • Can the damages amount be correctly documented and calculated in a persuasive fashion using commonly accepted methods?
  • Was it necessary to accelerate materials or labor which led to increased cost impacts?

We consult with experts in the field, carefully review the original construction contract and other relevant documents, and identify all parties in the project who might bear responsibility for any impacts on the schedule or costs associated with delays.

Complex Cases

We handle large complex matters involving multiple parties and complicated construction projects. Delays, disruptions and scheduling problems often result from many factors, rather than just one. The attorneys at Fortin Law Group have the tenacity and skill to evaluate the project and identify the potential sources of delay and measure those against established norms. We are often able to identify the causes of delay and build a strong case for our client. We rely upon reputable and established experts in their field to assist with these claims.

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